Pie Tap

Dallas’ “Design District” area has been redeveloping from its industrial past into a more “urban village-y” future. New apartments, new galleries and shops, and new restaurants. One of these new restaurants is Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar. A pizza place in a gentrifying neighborhood full of affluent young professionals isn’t at all surprising, but quality upscale pizza is!

Pie Tap has two other locations (one on Henderson Avenue, one at Park and Preston), and a fourth in Frisco opening “soon,” according to their website. However, the Design District location was their first (it’s about 3 years old or so), and so I decided to give it a visit!

While you’d think ordering a pizza would have been almost mandatory (and honestly, the menu choices were SO tempting!), my dining companion and I decided to go with something less predictable. I chose Pappardelle Bolognese, and my friend selected the “Lunch Bird” special (roasted chicken, cauliflower mash, a kind of stir-fried mix of broccolini, spinach and mushrooms all tossed with a lemon chardonnay sauce).

Both dishes were scrumptious! You can tell by my photo of the chicken plate, that I wasn’t even able to get my camera out before part of the chicken had “mysteriously” disappeared into my friends mouth! LOL!

Speaking of delicious and tempting, the pizza selections are going to require a return visit, with toppings such as house-made fennel sausage, belles pepperoni, calabrian peppers, smoked mozzarella, and cremini mushrooms available! One pizza even has medjool dates and pistachios!

Pie Tap also offers a number of salads, a couple of sandwiches, appetizers and two desserts (alas, my ample portion of pasta didn’t allow me to try the house-made doughnuts!).

A number of local beers are available on tap and in cans, as are wines – some in bottles, other “on tap” and served in cute little carafes.

The dining room is warm and comfortable; welcoming and “buzzy” when filled with people. A small patio stands ready for cooler weather right outside, and I can imagine sipping a nice red wine on a fall evening, watching the sun set and the world go by.

Try one of Pie Tap’s three (or maybe four soon!) locations, and see if they don’t just charm the pants off you! <wink>

What to live near the great food at Pie Tap?  Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.