The Antique Gallery in Lewisville

This antique mall offers some incredible retro furniture in pristine condition. If you love mid-century modern furniture, the you will love this place.

The thrill of a hunt to find a rear Star Wars figurine may be one of the reasons people still visit antique malls. Perhaps it is the feel that you are traveling back in time to your childhood. Or you may want something different than Ikea or Home Goods stores have to offer. Whatever the reason may be to visit an antique mall, the antique mall in Lewisville has lots to offer your eyes.

Nostalgia and the appeal of unique items are what drives many shoppers to antiques stores. But in an age of internet shopping and the convenience of finding and receiving what you want, when you want it, it’s amazing to find out how many loyal customers antique malls have.

Each trip to a vintage venue like a flea market is an opportunity to learn about history, culture, innovation and psychology. Objects are really the tangible remains of our human lives. We can learn so much by a trip to a local antique mall. If you want to know about a certain part of town or city, visit their local antique mall or thrift store. You will be able to see the clothing, is it designer or are the majority of the labels from Target? Is there jewelry in the antique mall you are visiting? Is it expensive precious jewels, or is it quality designer costume jewelry?

If you like to antique, Lewisville has a large selection of items from our past to keep you busy for a while.

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