The Painted Tree

The Painted Tree has four locations in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, one is in Highland Village, Frisco, Mansfield and North Richland Hills.  The location I visited is a large building (over 38,000 square feet) that houses over 200 vendors. These vendors sell furniture, clothing, home décor, accessories, and outdoor yard art. No two vendors carry the same items and every vendor has an outstanding set up.

The Painted Tree owners, Corey Gillium and Mike Cavello, understood how difficult it is to open and run a successful business. They also knew how expensive a new business can be. In their home state of Arkansas, they knew how women loved to shop for their homes and clothes. They also were aware how many people have a talent with woodwork, florals, reupholstery, and crafts. So, one day Corey and Mike decided to open an indoor, upscale flea market.

They rented out spaces that were small enough to house many vendors under one roof, yet large enough to sell items like water fountains and household furniture. They took away the hassle of opening a business all alone. They hired the employees to run daily transactions, and they pay for the overhead, utilities and a marketing team to show off all of the great items the vendors had to offer.

This dynamic duo decided to name their business The Painted Tree. Their philosophy behind the name was that a large tree covers and protects many things. A tree is forever changing and growing and always has goals to reach higher. A tree weather storms and digs deep roots within its surroundings.

If you are one of the fortunate people that are selected to rent a space within the walls of this business, you are not referred to as a vendor, you are referred to as a shop owner. Don’t expect to address your space as a booth, refer to it as your store. The Painted Tree is not an antique mall, a consignment store or a flea market. The Painted Tree is laid out like an upscale indoor mall concept.

Beware, when you enter the doors of The Painted Tree, be prepared to stay for at least two hours. Time ran away from me quickly and I entertained with all of the goodies I found.

What to live near the great antiquing that happens at The Painted Tree?  Follow these links from Texas Pride Realty.

​2240 Justin Rd
Highland Village, TX 75077
​Monday – Sunday
10AM – 8PM

​7800 BLVD 26
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
​Monday – Sunday
10AM – 8PM