This is NOT your average Storage Space, this is a Wine Storage !

The Wine Storage

Stor Self Storage

790 Keller Pkwy

Keller, Tx. 76248

Okay, so a storage place is not very special but, this one is not for the average Joe. While they do have regular storage units, from closet size to garage, those are not the main attraction here. This classy facility is for wine storage. Yep, you got it wine!

I went here looking for a place to store some furniture during a home remodel. Wow, was I surprised. First, it smelled like a department store; usually these places smell like auto body shops. Their showroom has a full array of packing necessities mostly for packing fine china or Waterford crystal. The Manager, Richard Tyler, explained that he is also a Storage Professional and he can give advice on packing and storing. Tyler is a very friendly and out-going individual who talked me through the benefits of his facility.

No individual storage unit has outside access. They feature a lock and a code box, so your items are doubly protected. Also, the building is kept at 78 degrees so, no melted candles when it’s time for Christmas. For security, every foot of floor space is digitally monitored, and is well-lit.

Now, let’s talk wine. Slick storage units are available from, a 2.5 x 2.5 space that will hold a case of your best grape, to a 5 x 10 that will hold a full cellar of your best bubbly. Mr. Tyler tells me that the wine area is kept at a constant fifty-five degrees, and monitored carefully, as well as having the already mentioned security. You can keep your wine here long term, visiting it when you need a bottle or two. However, most people generally use the service for relocation or remodeling purposes. Anytime your cellar at home is not available, Stor Self Storage is the place for you. If you are relocating from out of DFW you can, (with prearrangement) ship your wine ahead, to be kept safe from the movers.

Another feature that blew me away was the portico sized (MISSING WORD) for tractor trailers. (See pictures) This keeps your items from rain or hail damage while they are being loaded/unloaded. I have never seen this on at storage facility. The second thing that blew me away was the big tanks out front. Mr. Tyler told me people came in and asked if they had wine in those. I must admit I had wondered. But, they catch rainwater from the entre roof that’s funneled into them. This water is used for the surrounding lawn. Solar panels on the roof runs their electricity. I simple adore GREEN companies. Across all of they facilities, they store 66,000 gal. of water.

I bet you think this would be a really expense place. However, in my shopping around, I found them to be comparable, especially with the added features. The only bad news is this location and one other, in Dallas, are the only Stor Self Storage with the wine storage feature. They are currently building on one in Southlake, so keep watching.