ARI Chicken, these chicken wings are delicious!


ARI Chicken
2625 Old Denton Rd #812
Carrollton, Texas 75007
(469) 289-6699

What is the big difference between Korean Chicken and American Southern Fried Chicken? The main difference is the two-stage frying and the type of batter used. The two-stage frying does two things, this process renders the fat off, but also removes much of the excess moisture. The batter in Korea is rarely all wheat flour. It often has or is completely rice flour but also may contain corn, potato, or cassava starch. Korean Chicken will often contain carbonated water or beer to make a lighter batter. They also flavor the batter and flour coating with distinctive Korean spice mixtures.
Texans KNOW fried chicken. Fried chicken is as celebrated as Tex Mex cuisine. Well, we only think we know fried chicken. In Seoul Korea there is a mom-and-pop chicken place literally on every corner. I was surprised to learn Asian cooking traditions include deep-fried chicken, with the popular cult of crunchy, spicy, perfectly non greasy chicken.

In the Dallas Fort Worth area Korean-style fried chicken places have just begun to appear, reproducing the delicate crust, addictive seasoning and moist meat Koreans are devoted to.

ARI Chicken is so worth the chance to experience Korean fried chicken. When you visit this place please try the spicy Chicken sandwich! This is the ultimate chicken sandwich! The chicken was a nice thick piece and beautifully battered. Not too thick, not too thin, but just right. Oh and let’s not forget the bread and butter pickles they throw in there! Such a delight, it’s like a party in your mouth all night! Look no further y’all, Ari Chicken is here, and they’re here to stay!

When you dine in you will have radish and a spicy sauce served while you are waiting. The sides I ordered were French fries and cream corn, I highly suggest both. ARI Chicken serves local beer and that goes perfect with their wonderful and generous sized portions.

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