Shannon Beer and Brewery in Keller, Texas

Take some pure Texas spring water directly into a brewing tank, fire it in old-school processes brought over from Ireland, using only quality malted barley and whole flower hops, throw in an epic amount of patience, never filter or pasteurize and then, if you’re genetically Irish, you might get something as delightful as a Shannon Beer!

Shannon Brewery is tucked off of 377, just south of 170, in the Keller, Texas. I’ve been fascinated with it since it’s opening. Packed every weekend, I kept promising myself I’d get by there to review it. The final push was the recent change, in Texas law, regarding buying beer directly from the brewery for home use. For years you could only consume the beer on site but now you can take it home. The owner, Shannon Carter, himself took me through the brewery and tap room. Mr. Carter assures me that he is 78% Irish, so you know the beer is authentic.

The whole place is guarded by a large Irish Setter/German Shepard mix, named Arlo, after the famous folk singer. While not a big drinker, Arlo is a great listener.The beer comes in can, growler and keg, and has standard flavors such as Shannon Irish Red, Shannon Tejas Light, Shannon Mór IPA, Shannon Chocolate Stout. Seasonal beers include; Shannon Peach Wheat, Shannon Pow Pow Purple, Shannon Irish Coffee Cream Ale, Shannon Hazelnut Chocolate Stout, Shannon Peaches ‘n Cream, Shannon Blackberry Wheat, Shannon Honey Porter, and Shannon Wee Heavy and many more. Just say Shannon Wee Heavy, out loud! Now don’t you feel all Celtic!

The brewery has three areas that are available for rent; their taproom (approx. 128 guests), an outdoor beer garden (approx. 150 people) and the production area (approx. 150 people). What an awesome birthday party! Open Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, they have a food truck in the beer garden area on Saturdays. There are also many special events, be sure to check out the calendar on their website. You can even volunteer in the production area, if you are wanting to learn how to brew, or simply interested.

Finally, there is a cool onsite store with t-shirts, sample glasses and more. A real surprise is sometimes, when sipping the brew, a free tour is announced, and you can take your beer along. You can’t have a better time that this in the North Texas Area. Drop by this weekend and engage your inner Irish.

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