The Enchanted Forest in Fort Worth

The Enchanted Forest
6619 E. Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, Texas 76112

The moment you enter, The Enchanted Forest, the overwhelming calm meets you like an old friend. You are greeted at the door and customer service is fantastic. If you want to browse great, but if you have questions, they are the most patience people you will ever meet. James and staff are eager to help, almost like it’s a calling.

Every Religion and belief system are represented here; from Greek/Roman Pantheon to Buddhism, Christianity, and everything in between. There was statuary of Egyptian, Norse, and Wiccan, as well as items used in religious ceremonies.

The small shop is fully stocked with incenses, candles, natural raw crystals, magical items like tarot card, cauldrons, herbs, wands, and Athames. There is also a fantastic tea section with teas that heal and inspire. There is wrought silver jewelry for each of the beliefs, along with crystal jewelry. They also provide Buddhist prayer flags, books both informing and teaching in the various metaphysical areas.That’s just a tiny bit of the materials offered.

James Walker, the owner provides healing services like massage therapy, chakra balancing sessions, and card readings, with appointment! While I’m a practicing Buddhist, I enjoy learning about the other metaphysical views and their relationship with the earth and its people. Whatever you believe it’s very educational and interesting to browse the many trinkets that Enchanted Forest has to offer.

They offer beautiful sun-catchers, wind-chimes and other garden art, candles for fragrance as well as healing and spells. Many things can be ordered except for candles in the summer. Because, well, Texas Heat! The prices here are not inexpensive; and they take their service and merchandise serious. But the products are made with care and quality.

Please note, this is not a shop for small children or busy dogs. Rather serious reflection and a desire to belong more closely to the earth, is sole purpose of this establishment. Their business card reads, “May the Forest be with you” and you will feel that forest long after you’ve left its protection. The Enchanted Forest is the oldest and largest metaphysical shop in the DFW area, located in the Handley area.

The Handley area in Fort Worth is a great neighborhood with a sense of community, if you are interested in living in this area please contact Texas Pride Realty.