Old Home Supply in Fort Worth

Old Home Supply House
1801 College Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76110-1448
(817) 927-8004

Home Renovation heaven is what this place is! Located in the historical Fairmount neighborhood in Fort Worth, the Old Home Supply calls a Piggly Wiggly grocery store their home. Nearly 30 years ago Ralph Watterson stocked the store with finds from every salvageable door and piece of hardware from the original Tarrant County Courthouse. Today, he sells sinks, bathtubs, doors, trellises, shiplap, and all sorts of architecturally significant finds. “There’s nothing else I would rather do,” he says.

His 44,000 square feet of treasures takes up four corners on College Avenue. Within the walls of Watterson’s warehouses one will find doors from India, chandelier that are six feet long, claw bath tubs, wooden floors from 100 year old homes, fountains from hotels built in the 1920s, shutters from old jails, verandas from court houses, and stoves from the great depressions. . One can find 100 year ceiling tiles, stain glass windows fireplace mantles, and items you were aware you absolutely needed. Every turn you take will lead you into another fantastic find. Old Home Supply has more stories and personality than you could ever hope to find. This home renovation store offers to buy, sell and trade items. They also offer to rewire light fixtures and can most likely find door hardware you are unable to locate any where else.

A trip to south Fort Worth to visit this place is well worth it. The prices are reasonable and inventory is like none other in North Texas. The Old Home Supply is open seven days a week until 5:00pm .