Hey Sugar Candy Store in Roanoke, Texas

I had to wait about ten hours before I could type up this review because my hands were shaking so bad from the sugar. Well, I mean I had to try it right? I owed it to our readers! Just be warned you may need a designated driver when you leave.

This beautiful store is situated in the Old Downtown Roanoke area. Roanoke is otherwise known as the Unique Dining Capital of Texas. So, where else would you put a shrine to dessert but in the middle of dinner heaven? The store is a renovated home, with pale blue siding and the huge “Hey, Sugar” sticking out of the top is your only sign it’s not an ordinary house. Walking up the ramp to front door, you can already smell the goodies. They were making waffle cones, by hand, the day we went.

First, there is ice cream and not the usual flavors. For example, there is Texas Two-Step, a Dr. Pepper flavored ice cream with sugared pecans! The owner was simply describing what was in the Double Fudge, and I could hear my arteries hardening. Then, there the jellybean wall with amazing flavors including, cherry, my daughter’s favorite. But to get here you have to pass the Saltwater Taffy carousel, which is next to the containers of assorted Cotton Candy flavors.Directly in front of you, when you walk in, is the showcases with rows of deliciously, decadent chocolates.

I had a Mud Pie, a mousse like chocolate with nuts and bits of two different types of cookies in it. Hubby had a chocolate pretzel rolled in peppermint bark and a cashew paw. (See pics, below) All candies are one price and it’s by the pound. So, you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching.There is still a third of the store left to describe. On the left is a huge selection of soda pop flavors. I counted to thirty before I stopped. I mean you have to wash the incredibly gooey stuff down, right? By the soda pop is a full section of old fashion candies I have not seen in years. I’m 63 and my whole childhood was right in front of me. If you know someone, who is always talking about a candy from their past, you can find it here.

They had sample bundles made up for Christmas, as well as Christmas Beanie Boos! Oh, and I forgot the milk shakes and the popcorn section and the sugar-free section. But I think you are beginning to get the idea. If you can think of/or remember it; they have it at Hey Sugar. After all, it’s in the name.

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Hey Sugar Candy Store
111 S. Oak St.
Roanoke, TX 76262