GiGis Cupcakes in Southlake, Texas

Gigi’s Cupcakes are recognized by their three amazing layers of, either icing swirls, or two swirls and a candy topper. My daughter had liked their page on Facebook, so their posts started to show up on my Newsline. I kept seeing something called a Gobble Box, with a dozen mini cupcakes dressed up for Thanksgiving. I simply had to go and check it out.

The aroma that hits you when you walk in. The show case was filled with the most beautiful tiny pieces of comestible artwork. Have you ever seen food that is almost shame to eat, because it was so pretty? Well, that’s Gigi’s Cupcakes. Roll this flavor across your tongue – Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip. See you gotta have that bad boy!

They have minis but also regular sized cupcakes. Of course, they have 8-inch cakes for any occasion, I mean ANY. There is a picture of a Unicorn cake on their website that is simply too cool for words. So, when Unicorn Day rolls around you know where to go! Their decorators can match your WEDDING DRESS. Their wedding cakes deserve a blog of their own.

Tiny cheesecakes in fantastic flavors of, turtle and pumpkin spice, to name a couple. It’s Thanksgiving, there’s pumpkin spice, deal with it.Did I mention these tiny gems are available in gluten free? Everything is baked fresh daily and they make their own icing. Ms. Michelle Henson-Robinson gave us the nickel tour, and we saw the kitchen. It was pristine. I’m in love.

There are about 100 Gigi’s in the U.S., but these stores are franchised, so you are still buying local, yeah! And this store is the only on in the Metroplex area. However, it’s easily located a half mile off 114. When we walked in people were eating at the tables, one employee was taking a cake order, while Michelle was loading up a box for another customer. It’s a small store, but it seems to stay hopping.

If you are in need to an eye-popping dessert, for the holidays, this is where to order it. In other words, this will shut your mother-in-law up. So, hurry to order now.

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GiGi’s Cupcakes
1161 E. Southlake Blvd. Ste. 208
Southlake, TX 76092