The Main Street Mercantile “The Merc”

The Main Street Mercantile
109 West Main Street
Suite #100
Lewisville, TX 75057

Located in Downtown Lewisville sits a quaint store called the Main Street Mercantile. Locals refer to this business as “The Merc”. The Merc is owned by Lewisville natives, Randy and Ronda Owens. They opened the mercantile because of their passion and love they have for their lifelong community. They wanted everyone to see the memories and wonderful times that can be made in the historic Downtown area of Lewisville, Texas. In 2013 they opened the doors in a historic 1920s house on the corner of Charles and Main. Their passion overflowed into their customers and The Merc has successfully outgrown two different spaces since the grand opening.

Today, their business proudly oversees Main Street in their beloved Downtown Lewisville.
The Mercantile is a boutique that is filled with items that truly make your house a home. They are items that help make memories that will last generations.

When you first enter The Merc immediately to your right, you will see a dining room table. This is not simply another dining room table, this table is made with an actual family, perhaps YOUR family in mind. What caught my eye and spoke to my soul, was the understatement of the table. The main thing one would spot first, while taking a holiday photo in front of this table, would be you. This table is narrower than most tables. This allows one to sit closer to your guest and experience a real family and friend gathering. This table doesn’t have room for everyone to not notice you latest needless centerpiece. This table has enough room for the food, plates, napkins, silverware, glassware and YOU. This table wasn’t built out of gorgeous wood to simply allow you to let her collect dust. This table was hand built to provide you the opportunity to hear about your best friend’s engagement. It was built long enough to make your daughter’s first homecoming mum and experience your son’s news that you are now part of the elite grandparent’s club.

Most of the items in the Merc are items that will last and will fit into many different home decors. Many items have a mixture of Texas casual with a splash of Dallas glam. I instantly fell in love with this shop. I know you will be equally as taken with her charm when you visit.