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I’ve never been an “artist”. I love Bob Ross and could watch him for hours but have never had the desire, or talent, to paint, sketch, draw or anything else. So, imagine my fear when my daughter turns out to be an artist. I have no clue what she needs to further her passion.

I turned to the staff at Asel and they did not disappoint. As artists themselves, the Asel employees were able to guide me to supplies that would help my daughter learn and hone her craft. She’s currently into writing and drawing graphic novels. I was able to find everything from the correct pencils needed to a sketch book just for comic books. I’m going to be the best mom ever this Christmas!If you have more time on your hands now, tap your inner artist.

Asel has whatever you need, no matter what art you prefer. Pastels, markers, calligraphy pens, oil paints, acrylics, t-shirt paint, paintbrushes of all sizes and even wood crafting items can be found here. If you’re worried about going places right now, the Dallas location offers video ordering. You can video chat with staff as they walk through the store picking out exactly what you want. Visit Asel and drop us a picture of the masterpiece you created!