Gourmet Apples

Gourmet Apples * 503 W. Northwest Hwy., Grapevine, TX 76051* (817) 251-8000

Are you looking for a different kind of treat to bestow upon friends and family this coming holiday season? A way to blow the lid off the unoriginal apple you give your child’s teacher? Look no further, Gourmet Apples has you covered. This family run business has been bringing us dipped apple delights for over twenty years. They use only the finest Granny Smith apples to ensure crispness and quality. I tried one of the peanut butter cup apples and it was absolutely rich, crisp and delicious. I also bought one of their chocolate dipped rice krispy treats and a chocolate covered marshmallow. They have a lifetime customer in me.

Not only can you go into the store and enjoy a hand-dipped apple, you can ship them to anyone you please in the states. You can ship them to your college roommate in New York or down to Nana in Boca Raton. Now, your only problem becomes picking a flavor. Do you pick the original gourmet apple that’s dipped in buttery caramel, then a layer of decadent milk chocolate, covered in a layer of fresh pecans and then dipped a second time in milk chocolate or do you go with an Apple Pie gourmet apple that’s dipped in the same caramel but then dipped in rich white chocolate and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar? If you’re wanting to send a little love to those you haven’t seen lately, give Gourmet Apples a call and let us know what you thought!