Hurts Donuts in Fort Worth

Hurts Donuts * 901 Foch Street Fort Worth, TX 76107 * (817) 367-9177

If you’ve ever had a craving for a fresh, delicious donut at 5pm, or 2am, you know it can really be difficult to accomplish your goal. Worry no more, the perfect, open 24 hours a day, Hurts Donuts is here to save you from donut deprivation! They have about twenty different flavors at any given time, along with sausage rolls and cinnamon rolls the size of your hand, so you’re sure to please anyone and everyone in your group.

My favorites were the Smores donut and the Bart Simpson (chocolate with Butterfinger sprinkles).Hurts Donut is not just a place to grab a great, unique donut or a fancy coffee drink. It’s also a place you can feel young again. Do you remember the first time you saw the process for making a donut? Have you ever even seen a donut get made? You can see how those perfect circles of confection come to be thanks to the clear glass windows letting you peer into the magic. It’s what I imagine being inside the Keebler tree would be like.

After you’ve watched donuts being made, enjoy your piece of paradise on one of the swing chairs. As an avid donut enthusiast, I cannot recommend you try Hurts Donuts loud enough. You will not be disappointed. Visit their location in downtown Fort Worth or the one in Frisco and let us know if you agree!