Royal Blue Grocery Store is all about you!

Royal Blue Grocery Store

1 Highland Park Village • Dallas, Texas 75205 • (214) 526-9516

1800 Main Street Dallas, TX 752012001

Ross Avenue #150 • Dallas, Texas 75201 • (214) 954-0332

Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village

Have you ever been to the urban grocery store located in Highland Park Village? Royal Blue Grocery sits facing Preston Road in a 5,500 square foot building.

This small specialty grocer currently has six locations. All are located in Texas, the first was open in 2006 in Downtown Austin, three are in Dallas, and one location in San Antonio. Each of these stores are custom-fitted to their meet the needs of the neighborhoods are within. For example, if there are in an area with residential buildings, they tend to be well stocked with good choices of to-go meals.

If there is an appreciation of yoga, fitness centers, walking trails and a general sense of active lifestyles, then Royal Blue will provide health conscience options. The owners, Cullen Potts, Emily Ray-Porter, and Zac Porter had an idea to build smaller specialty grocery stores. They wanted to make those who utilized the store to feel as if it was part of their own little neighborhood.

Royal Blue Grocery store carries unique brands and offers an exceptional customer service. If you are interested in living in this area, please contact Texas Pride Realty Group today.