Sur La Table

Sur La Table in Southlake

Sur La Table

1151 E Southlake Blvd Suite 340, Southlake, TX 76092 817-416-6257

So, you just moved into your dream home and found yourself with more kitchen space than you have ever had in your life. How do you fill it? That’s easy, visit Sur La Table for all your cooking and kitchen needs. From small appliances to tableware, you can find everything you need to make the kitchen live up to your dream.

I’m partial to the Le Creuset skillet in deep teal but the Staub skillet in Marin is really making it a difficult decision. Sur La Table has both of these, and many more choices, which makes choosing a difficult decision for a waffle-r like me. Speaking of waffles, the other major item in my dream kitchen is a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer in Lemon Ice. Not only can I get that at Sur La Table, the employees will help me figure out how to use it, and all its add-ons, before sending me home.

In addition to helping you figure out any small appliance you’ve bought, Sur La Table offers many other perks. You can try any knife before you buy it and they will sharpen it for you when it gets dull. There are cooking classes for those that want to learn how to use all the little gadgets and prepare a five star, four course meal. If you’re a cooking novice or a professional chef, Sur La Table will be your new go-to for all your kitchen needs. Stop by Sur La Table soon and drop us a picture of your dream kitchen. Please share your photos with soon!

If you are searching for a home to put items you find within Sur La Table, please call Bob McCranie 972-754-0582 with Texas Pride Realty and get started on your dream kitchen.