Fête-ish 322 W. 7th St. Dallas, TX 75208 214-948-9874

Are you looking for a unique gift for your weird friend? Are you the weird friend that loves to give people gifts that make them laugh? Fête-ish is the store for you. This store is all across the board like a hyperactive gift shop. Everything from baby onesies to Frida Kahlo portraits to deodorant can be found here.

The next baby shower I’m invited to, mom-to-be is getting a baby onesie with a sonogram photo and #tbt on it and a mug shot growth chart. What parent wouldn’t want to document their angels growth by making them look like a felon? It’s classic. I found gifts for three different family members in one stop. Unicorn face masks for my daughter, I.T.-themed sarcastic gum for my dad and a funny cat mousepad for my feline-loving inlaws.

Just look for the neon dog to guide you into an explosion of awesome. Be careful though, it would be very easy to lose track of time in here. There are just soooo many things to look at. I was only in there for an hour and was just skimming. Visit Fête-ish today and let us know what you couldn’t resist buying.