ABC Party in Dallas

ABC Party 1414 W. Davis Street Dallas, Texas 75208 214-943-5588

I have a friend that is absolutely obsessed with Adam Driver. Just completely and overwhelming in love with his oversized facial features, luxurious hair and his ability to emote like a teenage girl. I want more than anything to give her a birthday party next month with an Adam Driver theme. However, I don’t want to use decorations from Star Wars because, “Adam is more than Kylo Ren and to limit him to that is to insult his core as an amazing actor”. Seriously, you guys, obsessed. So, where can I find what I need? I’m sure you’ve already figured it out…ABC Party in Dallas.

ABC Party is your typical party store. They have the normal party supplies, themed plates with all the accessories and solid color plates, table covers and the like. What sets ABC Party apart from other party supply stores is their custom made works. You can get a pinata that looks like Donald Trump, a Day of the Dead partier or Adam Driver. You can get balloon weights that are Sonic the Hedgehog or Adam Driver. You can get centerpieces for your table that are Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony or…say it with me, Adam Driver.

Visit ABC Party today and you can get a pinata version of the Coronavirus to beat up. Visit ABC Party next week and pick up your custom Adam Driver creation…or you know, whatever you are obsessed with. I personally wouldn’t turn down an Aaron Hotchner centerpiece.

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