Extreme Sandbox Experience

Extreme Sandbox 5137 President George Bush Hwy Sachse, Texas 75048 (855)DIG-4-FUN

They say the best gifts are “Experience” gifts. The memory of a great day will last far longer than a sweater. Have I found the perfect experience gift for you to give this year! Located on the edge of Sachse and Rowlett, you don’t notice Extreme Sandbox as you drive by. It looks like a construction site you’ve driven by a million times before…except, it’s not. All that construction equipment you see? Yeah, you can drive it. Featuring an Excavator, Bulldozer and a Wheel Loader, Extreme Sandbox is every little kid’s dream come true…and quite a few big kid’s dream have been answered as well.

YOU can dig a hole with an Excavator! YOU can flip a tire with a Wheel Loader! If you can talk Grandma into buying you a season pass, you can run an obstacle course or drive your machinery over a berm. Don’t worry, there will be training sessions to teach you how to run the equipment safely. Also, the entire time you are in the driver’s seat, in an air-conditioned cab, you are connected by headset with a trained employee.

The more you visit and the more experience you gain opens up more things you can do with the machinery. Want to demolish a car? After training (and $500), you too can smash a car to bits. So, this year, tell Aunt Julie to save that scratchy sweater and ask her to give you the adventure of a lifetime instead! Be the cool mom and buy your 38-year-old son, who’s worked his butt off this year, an opportunity to smash his frustrations and play like a giddy kid again.

Be the awesome wife, that knows there are two gifts to be gained here. He gets to go play for the day and you have the house to yourself for just a few, precious hours. Give Extreme Sandbox a visit and let us know which machine was your favorite. mine was totally the Excavator!

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