Joe T. Garcia’s in Fort Worth

Joe T Garcias 2201 N. Commerce Street, Ft. Worth 817-626-4356


If you live in Texas, you most likely have heard of famous Mexican restaurant, Joe T. Garcia’s. Joe T. Garcia’s is located near the famous stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. Many things draw the masses to this tourist attraction for generations. Some love the simple tradition of dining at this restaurant, some love the gorgeous outdoor courtyard experience, some drive miles to enjoy their famous frozen margaritas, while many enjoy the space for special events.

Whatever reason you may have to visit Joe T Garcia’s, it is undeniable that the story behind this place is as fascinating as to why people continue to return. The story of this restaurant began prior to the official opening day of July the 4th, 1935. Immigrants Joe Talfolla and his beautiful wife, Jesusa (to many, known as Mamasuez or Jessie) fled from the state of Michoacán in Mexico, during the Mexican revolution. Joe and Jessie ultimately made the northside of Fort Worth their home. In the early 1930s they had a desire to take advantage of the American dream and become business owners themselves. Mr. Joe T. Garcia was a butcher and he decided to open a barbecue stand where he could offer flavorful smoked meats, and his wife would offer her famous cheese enchiladas.

They ran this business outside of their own family home. The original restaurant only sat 16 people and the couple thought it would be appropriate to launch this American dream on the 4th of July holiday. Only feet away from the Fort Worth stockyards, they soon found they had many loyal returning customers. In 1953 Jessie lost her husband unexpectedly due to an aneurysm. Jessie knew nothing about her husband’s talent with the meat smoker. Jessie took a gamble when she decided to abandon her husband’s meat options. She pressed forward doing what she knew best, she continued with her signature cheese enchilada plate.

Worries of not being able to continue the family business without her husband, began to lessen as her success continued grow. Today, one may find many signs the rich Garcia family history throughout the restaurant and throughout their famous outdoor patio. As the restaurant’s popularity grew over the next several decades, so did the physical size, soon the humble diner grew from one small room to the entire family home. Then the Garcia’s backyard was soon turned into the restaurant’s outdoor legendary courtyard. The notorious family swimming pool became what we now know as the courtyard fountain. The house that originally sat behind the Garcia’s home became another courtyard and one of the outdoor bars. The exploding family business soon turned into, private function rooms and event spaces.

In 85 years, since Mr Garcia first smoked his first set of ribs, the Garcias’ small American dream has gone from 16 seats to over 2,000. Today, one can expect to see people from all walks of life experience the hospitality of the Garcia family. World celebrities, NFL Hall of Fame football players, Grammy, Tony and Oscar award winners and even Presidents of the United States of America have all been seen enjoying the experience of the Garcia’s American dream.

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