Must Love Fabric

Must Love Fabric 1451 TX-114 #502 Grapevine, Texas 76051 817-488-6764

Calling all quilters and mask makers! I just found the greatest store for fabrics! Must Love Fabrics is hidden from view from the main road, making it a treasure to be found. I certainly feel like I found a crafter’s treasure chest.

Must Love Fabrics is more than just a fabric store…it’s a family. I’m not just saying that, it’s how I genuinely felt. When I first walked in, the group at the counter looked over at me. My first thought was that they knew I was just a knitter and had no business in their particular sandbox. By the end of the visit, I was seriously thinking about taking up quilting just so I would have a reason to come back. It reminded me of going to the salon with my grandmother.

No one was in a rush and all the patrons and staff chatted with each other for hours. Those are the kinds of stores I love. The selection of fabric is the big story here. I am no expert but I am pretty sure that there were more fabric choices than at JoAnne’s or one of those big chain craft stores. In five minutes I found about fifty different fabrics that I wanted masks made out of. My daughter is at this weird place where adult masks are too big but, kid masks are too small. I have a coworker that makes masks and she’s going to make some for my daughter with the pretty llama fabric I bought.

Is giving a kid a cool mask for Christmas equivalent to giving them underwear? Must Love Fabric has the largest selection of patterns in the DFW area. They also carry notions, books, threads and all they other supplies you need to make the perfect quilt or mask. They offer private lessons and socially distanced classes available. However, if you just have a quick question to ask, don’t hesitate to visit and ask. Stop by today and let us know which fabric caught your eye.

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