Legacy Food Hall at Legacy West in Plano, Texas

Legacy Food Hall

Everyone has experienced the pain of making dinner plans where no one can decide where to eat. This problem is solved with the unique concept of Legacy Food Hall. Located in the Legacy West area of Plano you will find this massive location filled with over 20 eateries and 5 bars. From Texas Bbq to fresh sashimi you are sure to find something to enjoy on every visit.

When walking inside I was blown away by the size of the hall. We decided to stop by during the weekend and it was in full swing. With large TVs showing the football game and groups gathering for brunch it was the place to be. I loved getting to explore all the different options and grabbing food from several places to try. It reminded me of a giant potluck and was the perfect place for having a group gathering.

While it was large, we were able to find a quieter spot on the second level which was perfect for connecting. If you are hoping to enjoy the weather, you can also find a large outdoor patio filled with picnic tables, a bar, and of course large screen tv. Also on the patio was a great stage that hosts a full list of concerts and events on their website. From date night to family night, Legacy Hall offers something for everyone. Want to live near this great new restaurant in Plano? Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty Group.

7800 Windrose Ave., Plano, TX 75024 (972) 846-4255