Outside Swoozie's Party Decor in Dallas, Texas


It’s time to celebrate and Swoozie’s is here to help! When looking for the perfect decor for your next party make sure to head to Dallas and check out this store. This was my first time here and I was amazed with how large the space was and the variety of supplies they offered. From home holiday decor to tailgating gear you are sure to find the perfect items for your next get together.

I loved getting the chance to explore the store and appreciated the wonderful customer service in helping me to plan my next party I was hosting for a friends bachelorette. I was able to grab all my supplies in one space and a gift for the guest of honor. While on my trip I also explored the other sections of the store for inspiration for future events. It was hard to walk away with just the items I needed for the event.

If you are looking for a more personalized touch, Swoozies also offers a customization station that is convenient for helping to make great party favors or gifts that are sure to be remembered. When looking to make your next event special, head on over and let the party planning begin!

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8417 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas, TX 75225 (214) 890-0433