Mural and seating at Avoca Coffee Roasters in West 7th Cultural District, Fort Worth, Texas

Avoca Coffee Roasters

West 7th – Fort Worth

If you’re looking for coffee in Fort Worth’s West 7th district, there are two great options: Ampersand and Avoca Coffee Roasters. Ampersand has tasty coffee (and an after-hours bar with a dance floor); Avoca Coffee on Foch Street has a bright, airy atmosphere and great lattes.

Avoca Coffee Roasters on Foch is in the same shopping area as Hurts Donut Company (delicious, off-the-wall donuts), Asel Art Supply, and Hatsuyuki Handroll Bar, all of which are right down the street from Crockett Row in West 7th. As you walk along the covered walkway to get to Avoca, keep an eye out for the iconic “If you’re here, you’re awesome” mural near Juice Junkies.

This shop is one of Avoca’s three locations – they also have another cozy hangout along Magnolia Ave., across from Spiral Café & Bakery, and a new location in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Their coffee shop in the Foch Street Warehouses has the added perk of a covered patio, so you can enjoy the outdoor weather without having to worry about getting rained out.

Once you walk into Avoca Coffee on Foch Street, you’ll see a cute neon sign that (literally) points you in the right direction. People walk in and nod their heads — “Coffee, this way!” will always receive a positive response in a town with so many craft coffee shops.

If you want to try something new, order one of Avoca’s delicious vanilla lattes. This local coffee shop roasts their beans in Fort Worth, and the baristas know a thing or two about great coffee! Avoca’s cold brew and ground coffee is available for purchase so you can enjoy it at home, if you’d like.

When you get your coffee of choice, grab a seat at one of the many tables in the main room, or head back towards the front of the shop for a comfortable seat on a couch. Whatever you choose to order and wherever you choose to sit, a trip to Avoca Coffee is undoubtedly a great way to relax and recharge while in Fort Worth’s West 7th area. 

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835 Foch St, Fort Worth, TX 76107