Waffle at Bonton Farms in South Dallas, Texas

Bonton Farms

A lot of restaurants may claim they are farm to table, but have you ever ate in the midst of it all? You can find this amazing dining experience at The Market Cafe inside Bonton Farms. Located in South Dallas, you will be transported out of busy city life straight to an urban farm with a mission of helping its community.

Upon arriving you will be greeted with fresh vegetation and the sounds of goats and chickens. The friendly waitstaff let us pick our seats so we headed outside to enjoy the garden views and amazing weather. At your table you are assigned a number and can order directly from your seat using your mobile phone and a barcode that will direct you to a ToastTab for easy add-ons and payment once finished with your meal.

Their sophisticated yet simple menu offers seasonal produce and products straight from the farm so you know you will be enjoying something delicious on each visit. We decided on the Chicken & Waffles and a unique breakfast sandwich with eggs, chorizo, okra, and cheese to try. While waiting for our breakfast I decided to checkout their coffeehouse next door that offered delicious blends, tea and bakery items. I decided to try their pumpkin creme cold brew to match the fall weather.

Our food arrived quickly and didn’t last long on our plates. Everything was fresh, delicious, and we had a difficult time deciding which part was our favorite. Once finished we took some time to explore the gardens and see the animals. Before heading out we made sure to check out the Farmer’s Market on-site to grab some fresh produce, eggs, meat, and unique treats to enjoy at home. Next time you are looking for a great meal and to support a great cause, make sure to check out Bonton Farms.
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6915 Bexar St, Dallas, TX 75215 (972) 982-2245