Coffee at La La Land Kind Cafe in Dallas, Texas

La La Land Kind Cafe

You’ve probably seen this colorful and fun cafe in your Instagram feed and I’m here to tell you it just as good as it looks online! While the line may be out the door on the weekend, La La Land Kind Cafe is worth the hype and the wait. If you are in a hurry or would rather have your drink on the go, they also offer a great online ordering platform that will have your drinks and food ready for pick up at the designated counter.

I decided to stop by the Knox Henderson location for a morning treat after grocery shopping next door. Walking in I was not surprised to see the hustle of the baristas behind the counter and the number of people waiting for their drinks and delicious bakery treats.

After looking through their large menu I decided to try the French Toast iced late and one of their huge almond croissants. I placed my order and was directed to sit in the lounge area to wait. I saw lots of delicious toasts and drinks being brought out by the staff and I couldn’t wait to get mine. The late was absolutely delicious and made me feel like I was having a decadent dessert.

If my drink wasn’t good enough, it perfectly complimented the croissant. I also loved the cute coffee holder that was given to me and can see why this place was Instagram-worthy. While I only came in for coffee I will be sure to be back to try one of their famous colorful matchas and bring back my dog to sit on their dreamy patio.

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La La Land Kind Cafe

5626 Bell Ave

Dallas, TX 75206

(214) 579-9550