The Chairy Orchard

Have you visited the most unusual place in Denton, Texas? This one-of-a-kind garden is located in a suburban lot near Texas Women’s University, and is the perfect spot to take unique pics for the ‘gram! The Chairy Orchard bloomed in 2015 and has been maintained by North Texas neighbors and long-time friends, Anne Pearson and Judy Smith, also known as the “Chairy Fairies”!

The Chairy Orchard is an elaborate maze with hundreds of chairs – big chairs, arm chairs, egg chairs, swinging chairs, etc. If you’re wondering how the Orchard sprouted so many pieces of furniture, it all started when Judy began attaching chairs to trees in the back of her property and dubbed it, “The Chairy Tree.”

This property is not only full of chairs, but also full of puns! You will find teeter totter chairs strategically placed in a circle in an area labeled “Chairousel”. Walk further along the path and you’ll find a large stack of broken wooden chairs in the “Cemechairy.”

The Chairy Orchard is a treasured hidden gem in North Texas perfect for taking kids, friends, and family alike. The little ones can participate in a scavenger hunt, and go on an adventure to find specific whacky chairs, with sheets and pencils provided by the Chairy Fairies.

There are also two free libraries on the lot, where you take a book and leave another book for someone else. There are a plethora of children’s books in the two libraries!

The Chairy Orchard is free to visit and open from dusk to dawn. There is a box set up for donations to help the Chairy Fairies continue maintaining this public space that’s a blast for the Denton community.

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The Chairy Orchard

1426 Churchill Dr.

Denton, TX 76209