Fort Worth Water Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Water Gardens

Enjoy the great outdoors with a trip to the serene Fort Worth Water Gardens. This calming urban park offers an expansive space to explore solo or with the family.

With waterfalls, pools, and fountains you can take your time walking through the park. If you are more adventurous make sure to bring your hiking shoes to head down the large fountain area. While it was a little crowded when we went on the weekend, we decided to skip the climb and spend more time relaxing near the larger pools.

As you wander through the park there are plenty of spaces for both sun and shade to make the perfect option for spending an afternoon. In addition to the free nature aspects the park also does host events that can be found directly on the Fort Worth website. So whether you are looking for something new to do or just want to find a relaxing outdoor space, head to the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

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Fort Worth Water Gardens

1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

(817) 392-5700