Antique Mall of Mansfield

Looking for the perfect rainy day activity? Then a trip to the Antique Mall of Mansfield may be just what you need. With rows and rows of treasures waiting to be discovered, this is the perfect place to spend some time inside.

With thrifting becoming more and more popular over the years, this spot is the perfect place to explore. Filled with different vendor booths, you can find everything from CDs to vintage clothing to Tupperware. You will truly transport yourself back in time the moment you walk through the door. When I visited, I enjoyed walking through each booth and seeing items that brought me back to childhood.

Since each booth is run by a different vendor, you may see the same item in a couple of different locations. While the item may be the same, the condition it’s in (and the price) may be different, which makes the process of searching through the antique mall even more exciting!

The Antique Mall of Mansfield also receives new inventory weekly, so each time you visit there will be more treasures to discover. Whether you are looking to enjoy some time inside or you’re trying to expand on your collectibles, I highly recommend checking out this mall!

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Antique Mall of Mansfield

920 N Main St, Mansfield, TX 76063

(817) 473-6059