Deep Vellum Bookstore & Publishing Co.

Dive into your new favorite book after visiting Deep Vellum Bookstore & Publishing Co! Located in Deep Ellum, this local bookstore is the perfect location to stop after enjoying a day of fun in this unique neighborhood.

This cozy storefront is filled with a wide selection of books ranging from novels to poetry. The inside of the store was just as welcoming as the associates we met. I loved getting to browse the unique titles and find the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday. This store is great for bookworms and casual readers alike.

In addition to their great selection of reads, they also offer neighborhood events than range from book clubs to poetry readings. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy time with old friends or meet new ones. I loved how organized the space was and the uniqueness of the items they offered. My favorite section was “Blind Date With a Book”, where you can select a category you are interested in, but the book that lies inside is a surprise. I loved how different this spot was and I know I will be heading back soon to support this independent store.

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Deep Vellum Bookstore & Publishing Co.

3000 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

(214) 785-1644