Flea Style

A shopping experience unlike any other awaits you at Flea Style in Deep Ellum. This boutique helps support local retail stores, events and restaurants inside and outside their location.

I decided to stop by after seeing the outdoor pop-up market that they were hosting in their parking lot. The market was filled with local small businesses that ranged from clothing and accessories to home decor. Everyone was enjoying the outdoor shopping experience that even had a live DJ and complimentary beverages. It was such a fun way to shop!

After enjoying some time outside, I decided to step inside their bright and welcoming storefront that was filled with a variety of unique items. I loved seeing the pieces that were on display while I took my time to explore the store. In addition to the individual items you can purchase, like dresses and belts, Flea Style also offer a hat bar. This fun experience offers a wide range of hats to choose from and customize with feathers, florals, charms, scarves and more. We saw several parties there enjoying the hat bar. We also discovered that the hat bar will prebook groups. This would be the perfect place to enjoy your next celebration or if you are looking to treat yourself!

In addition to hosting groups at their hat bar, you can also reserve the Flea Style space for celebratory events, tea parties and more! It is such a great, unique space that is sure to make your next event special. While I enjoyed my solo shopping trip, I can’t wait to bring others back to enjoy this experience.

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Flea Style

3009 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

(469) 520-3222