Taco’s Azteca

When I first moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I was told that I needed to try gas station tacos. At first, I thought this trend was crazy, but after taking a trip to Taco’s Azteca, I’ve changed my mind! Located in the same strip as Texaco, this cozy taqueria is serving up delicious food for an incredible price in the heart of Grand Prairie.

We decided to give them a try after craving authentic Mexican cuisine. It was convenient that it was Tuesday and we were able to take advantage of their amazing specials. This location is perfect if you are looking to pick up, drive through, or even take a seat inside their dining area.

The menu is packed with delicious favorites, from enchiladas to tamales filled with your meat of choice. After looking through their menu, we decided on the steak tacos, chicken tacos, tamales, and pastor tacos. Everything was ready in a short amount of time and packaged perfectly to take home with us.

Even after our short drive home, the food was still hot and delicious. Everything was perfectly seasoned and gave us a trip back to Mexico. The tacos were served up street style with cilantro, onions and fresh limes that paired perfectly with our meat of choice. Along with our tacos, they gave us a selection of hot sauces that ranged from medium to hot and tasted great atop each item.

My friend decided to try a meal that was served with refried beans, rice, lettuce and tomatoes. It was the perfect meal that left you feeling full and ready to tackle the rest of your day. The service and taste of everything we ordered was 5 stars. I know we will be heading back soon anytime we are in the mood for fresh tacos and authentic eats.

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Taco’s Azteca

3705 S Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

(972) 266-2221