Scooter’s Coffee

With the hot weather rolling into DFW, it’s time to grab an ice cold beverage from this quaint drive through coffee shop. I’m talking about Scooter’s Coffee located in Garland.

This was the perfect place for an afternoon pick-me-up when I was craving something cool to drink and wanted a short wait. I happened to come across this spot after doing a quick Google search and I’m so happy I did! Their menu truly had something for everyone, from iced coffee and tea to smoothies and blended drinks.

Since I was looking for something simple, I ended up just choosing a cold brew with a cold foam topper, but I loved looking at their limited time options. While waiting for my beverage, I chatted with their team and they even offered my dog a fun treat. Their hospitality was unmatched and made the experience even better.

My drink was delivered to me shortly and it was definitely worth the wait. The creamy cold foam was even better than other brands I have tried and had a great velvety texture. It was the perfect sweet topping to go with the strong flavor of the coffee and made an excellent drink that kept me caffeinated for the rest of my day. I would definitely stop back soon to try more of their menu and even grab one of their hot breakfast sandwiches or sweet treats.

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Scooter’s Coffee

2904 Lavon Dr, Garland, TX 75040

(469) 782-9977