Sugar Crush Boba and Ice Cream

Get ready to entice your sweet tooth with the frozen treats and icy drinks at Sugar Crush Boba & Ice Cream. This location, conveniently located off Highway 360, is the perfect spot in Grand Prairie to cool off after a day in the sun or whenever you need a pick-me-up.

We were lucky to find this spot tucked away in a busy strip mall after we finished shopping down the street. We were first enticed by their online menu and wanted to give them a try since they had such great reviews. Once inside, we were greeted by their friendly staff who helped walk us through the menu and gave us some time to decide what we wanted. Since it was a warmer day out, I knew I needed to try something to drink so I went with an iced tea.

The menu was a little overwhelming, but I finally decided I wanted something fruity and sweet! Their mango passion tea was exactly what I was looking for and was even topped with fresh fruit. I didn’t want any add-ons, but they also offered different toppings and boba for anyone looking to personalize their beverages.

In addition to their large drink menu, they also offered tasty looking desserts and unique ice-cream flavors. In addition to their large selection of items to eat and drink, this spot was perfect for grabbing a seat to relax inside or outside. The atmosphere was extremely welcoming and was perfect for anyone looking to find a spot to work away from home. They truly had something for everyone and I look forward to heading back soon.

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Sugar Crush Boba & Ice Cream

3050 W Camp Wisdom Rd #300, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

(469) 909-4242