Airfield Falls Conservation Park

Would you believe me if I told you that there’s a waterfall in Fort Worth? It’s true! At Airfield Falls Conservation Park, you’ll find a waterfall and great walking trails that connect to the Trinity Trails along the Trinity River.

I first discovered Airfield Falls after seeing some amazing pictures of the waterfall on Instagram. I couldn’t believe that this was in Fort Worth, hiding right in my backyard! The following weekend, I took some time to explore the park.

When you pull up in the parking lot, you’ll see several picnic areas and informational signs. The park also features parts from a McDonnell Douglas C-9 aircraft. It’s home to two Texas Historic Markers and Fort Worth’s largest natural waterfall.

You do have to walk a little bit along a paved trail to get to the waterfall, but the walk is totally worth it! When you cross the bridge and start to hear rushing water, you’ll be surprised that this little oasis is so close to the city. It’s a great area to relax with friends or family. Take off your shoes and (carefully) walk across rocks near the waterfall, or take a seat on one of the several benches nearby and admire the scenery.

When I was there, I loved sitting near the waterfall, closing my eyes, and listening to the sound of rushing water. It was so gorgeous, and made me love living in Fort Worth even more! Texas may not be known for its nature, but there are definitely pockets of greenery that will make your jaw drop, like Airfield Falls Conservation Park.

If you want to keep exploring past the waterfall, there’s a paved trail you can follow that will connect you to the Trinity Trails. These trails follow the Trinity River and span over 100 miles, so there’s plenty to explore. When I visited Airfield Falls, I walked for almost an hour before I decided to make my way back to the waterfalls (and my car, waiting for me in the parking lot). I love taking walks and enjoying the scenery around me, so I was thrilled to find this area and spend time walking the trails along the river.

Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy nature, take pictures, have a picnic, or just want to cross something off your Fort Worth bucket list, I highly recommend taking a trip to Airfield Falls Conservation Park!

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Airfield Falls Conservation Park

200 Pumphrey Drive, Westworth Village, TX 76114