Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Travel back in time and explore the fantasy of the Medieval Era with a trip to Scarborough Renaissance Festival. This large annual festival is located just outside Dallas in Waxahachie and is perfect for a fun day out or a weekend getaway.

We decided to check out the festival after hearing how much fun a group of friends had. Since the festival runs only on weekends in April and May, we knew we had to get there soon, before the excitement ended for the season. You know you are at the right place as soon as you get off the highway and see the line of eager fans waiting to enter their large parking area. I highly recommend getting there early, as lines form quickly and the crowds grow larger throughout the day.

We were happy to discover that not only parking was free, but it was plentiful and they have several people directing traffic. We also saved on our tickets by purchasing them in advance online, but you can also purchase them onsite from their box office. Once you enter through the gates you will immediately feel like you are in a different world with lots of guests dressed up in costumes, traditional medieval faire and tons of entertainment to keep you entertained all-day-long.

Since it was our first time, we grabbed a map and started to explore the different areas of the festival. Each different city area offered food, refreshments, games and stages for shows. We made our first stop at the Crown’s Kitchen to grab some fried tempura, fish and chips, and beer that tasted delicious on the warm and sunny afternoon. We enjoyed getting to see other guests in traditional garb and exploring the different shops filled with Medieval treasures. After we had a chance to take a look around, we grabbed a seat at their outdoor arena to watch the prized knights in the joust. We loved getting to see the games of skill and how each actor interacted with the crowd. It was so fun to cheer on our knight! After the joust, we headed to a different stage to catch a comedy show.

The entire experience truly had something for everyone whether you are looking for a family day or a group outing. We really enjoyed our day and I look forward to heading back next year!

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Scarborough Renaissance Festival

2511 FM 66, Waxahachie, TX 75167

(972) 938-3247