Sunbulah Mediterranean Market

If you are like me, you enjoy cooking international dishes, but have a hard time finding some unique items in traditional grocery stores. No need to fret, as I have found a great international grocery store in the highly populated Arlington Highlands area. Close by to the Parks Mall at Arlington, you will find Sunbulah Mediterranean Market.

This market has the small atmosphere of a farmers market, but it’s packed with a variety of items. I was able to grab everything I needed in one visit. Like a traditional grocery store, they had everything from fresh produce and meat to shelf-stable items and spices. They also had a great selection of cookware and home items that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. I truly enjoyed my time exploring all of the different items that were both familiar and new to me. I also loved the affordability of the options that could easily be marked up due to their rarity.

After I gathered a grocery cart full of delicious treats, I also grabbed some items to help me bring my dishes to life in the kitchen. I even met the owner of the market, who shared their story with me and was extremely helpful in answering questions I had about some of the items I had picked. I will be heading back soon whenever I need fresh Mediterranean items and I look forward to sharing this grocery store with others.

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Sunbulah Mediterranean market

1108 W Arbrook Blvd Ste 100, Arlington, TX 76015

(817) 987-1212