Buon Giorno Coffee

If you work remote like me, you know that sometimes you need to get out of the house and change up the scenery. If this doesn’t apply to you but you are looking for a great cup of coffee, this spot is perfect for you as well! The calm and relaxing atmosphere filled with delicious treats and strong coffee can be found in Grapevine at Buon Giorno Coffee.

After walking through the door, I knew I had picked the perfect place because the aroma of the coffee was tantalizing and the staff was so friendly. Since it was my first time, I needed some time to look over their menu and asked for staff recommendations because at first glance it was a little overwhelming. They helped me to pick a strong ice coffee and a delicious vegetable crust less quiche. As I waited for my coffee and food to be prepared, I grabbed a seat at one of their tables.

I loved that they offered comfortable armchairs, hard tables, couches and outdoor seating. It was the perfect atmosphere if you were looking to get some work done, meet with friends, or just enjoy a book. Soon after ordering my food, it was ready and I couldn’t wait to enjoy. The coffee sure held up to the recommendation and was strong enouguh to keep me energized. The quiche was creamy and savory. It was the perfect pick me up.

I loved the combination together and felt great about supporting this cute local business. The staff made me feel super welcomed and it was great to find a place that was comfortable for work or relaxation.

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Buon Giorno Coffee

2350 Hall Johnson Rd, Grapevine, TX 76051

(817) 421-7300