Class Studios

Get ready for a workout unlike any other that will have you feeling motivated and strong even after one class. This boutique fitness studio is called Class Studios and can be found in West Village and Preston Center.

I decided to check out their Preston Center location after hearing such great reviews from friends. They offer a variety of 45 minute classes such as Cycle, Train, Tread, and Sculpt. For my first class, I attended their Sculpt class, which is a mat-based workout that focuses on dynamic muscle targeting through high-intensity cardio and multi-rep light weight exercises. The workout class is set in their studio rooms that are heated for extra intensity and offer bright lights and loud music to get your heart racing.

I booked my class online and arrived a few minutes early to get settled and explore this location. There is ample street and lot parking, so you don’t need to worry about where to park. Since it was a mat-based workout, I brought my mat with me, but they did offer mats for rent in addition to water and merchandise for purchase. Once inside, you will see their iconic “Get Your Ass to Class” mural wall by the front desk. They will check you in and assign you to a spot in the room.

The studio offers great amenities similar to a gym with locker space to store your items during your workout and great bathrooms with showers to cool down after a hard workout. After I settled in, I grabbed my mat and stretched inside the room to get ready for my class. My class was run by Marli and from the start she brought amazing energy that had me comfortable and motivated. The class was amazing, and not only did I find it fun, but I felt stronger even after one 45 minute workout. Everyone attending the class was also encouraging and made the experience even better. Come and get your sweat on at Class Studios!

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Class Studios

6116 Luther Ln, Dallas, TX 75225

(214) 987-1109