Buff City Soap

Get ready to support a local business that offers the best bath, body, and home products that you can feel great about using. I’m talking about the amazing selection that can be found with Buff City Soaps. With a few locations across DFW, you are sure to find a convenient spot close to your neighborhood. While there are several locations to chose from, I had the pleasure of stopping by the Park Cities location while I was doing some shopping at Snider Plaza.

From the outside, you will be greeted by their colorful store front and beautiful mural. Once inside, their associates are extremely helpful and you can begin to enjoy their beautiful scents. Since it was my first time here, I took my time looking through their selection. They had everything from laundry scent boosters to men’s fragrances and even hand soaps.

All of these are made in-house at the Soap Makery that can be seen as soon as you walk in. The associates were great in answering my questions and helping me to find the perfect scents for me. My favorite scents ended up being the lavender and eucalyptus, but I loved that Buff City Soap offered a ton of scents to fit everyone’s tastes. As well as the great scents and beautiful colored soap bars, I loved the affordable prices and the fact that these soaps didn’t irritate my skin like other scented soaps I’ve tried. You can tell the products are extremely well made and they look and smell great.

In addition to buying their premade soaps, Buff City Soap also offers classes for kids to decorate their own bath bombs, a fun and popular activity that is sure to help everyone explore their creativity. If you are looking for healthy and great smelling products, I highly recommend checking out one of their locations.

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Buff City Soap – Park Cities

6632 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205

(469) 766-0004