Fit Social Club

Are you looking to up your fitness game with a personal trainer? How about joining a group class to keep you accountable? Want to mix a little of both options? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then do I have the perfect spot for you!

You can find a variety of fitness classes in a small setting that will feel similar to a personal training session at Fit Social Club. Located near Mockingbird Station, it’s the perfect spot to go if you live in the area or if you live in the suburbs with its proximity to North Central Expressway.

I have been attending classes here for a while and have loved the personal attention I receive from each of the Fit Social Club coaches. They offer a wide variety of class options, from cycle to strength, with each room having the proper equipment you need to get your sweat on. Before heading to the studio, check out their class schedule online and sign up with their easy system. Once you arrive, you will check in with their friendly staff at the front desk and grab a sweat towel that you are sure to use. Place your stuff in their plentiful locker space and give yourself plenty of time to set up your spot.

For my latest workout, I went to their Intensity class that was strength focused. I was assigned a number spot that included my own personal bench, mat, squat rack and bar, dumbbells and variety of sized medicine balls. I loved that I had plenty of space to feel comfortable but was also close enough to my neighbors that we could encourage each other throughout the class. It was my first time taking a class with my instructor, Libby, and loved how personal she was. She even took the time to speak with everyone individually before class.

We started right on time, and before diving into the workout, we started off with some quick warm up exercises. I loved that the instructors gave a demonstration of each move prior to getting started. If we weren’t doing the move correctly, our instructor would assist us to make sure we had the proper form. Each group of exercises is timed, so feel free to complete the circuits at your own pace and increase or decrease the weight as necessary. Also, get ready to feel encouraged by your instructor and your other classmates. Before you know it, your 45 minutes will be complete and you are sure to feel stronger after one class. Grab a water bottle and your favorite workout set and join Fit Social Club for an amazing workout.

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Fit Social Club

5331 E Mockingbird Ln Suite 192, Dallas, TX 75206

(469) 726-2674