Monkey King Noodle Company

Looking for a late night noodle spot in Deep Ellum? Look no further than Monkey King Noodle Company! This cozy restaurant has plenty of indoor seating and outdoor picnic tables to enjoy a delicious meal and drinks!

I love enjoying noodles and an ice cold lager, such as Tsing Tao, after a show in Deep Ellum. If the weather permits, make sure to enjoy your meal outside on the patio!

You can choose from several noodle dishes, such as spicy garlic peanut noodles (a vegetarian option), hot spicy beef noodle soup, and dan dan pork noodles. If you’re not a fan of spicy foods, you can enjoy choose from cold beef noodles and cold chicken noodles!

Monkey King also has plenty of stir fry options available, including Three Treasures Stir Fry, which includes eggplant, green bell pepper and potatoes tossed in a bed of noodles with a sweet and spicy black bean sauce. There’s also tofu, beef, and chicken stir fry options available!

For those craving rice dishes, Monkey King has you covered. You can choose from brisket fried rice, chicken fried rice, Chinese eggplant, and orange chicken fried rice. The orange chicken dish features double battered fried tempura chicken wok fried in an orange glaze sauce with jalapeños for a kick!

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Monkey King Noodle Company

2933 Main St., Dallas, TX 75226

(469) 713-2648