Nekter Juice Bar

After a hard workout or a day in the sun, you may be craving a healthy and delicious option to help you feel refueled. This was the case for myself and I was so happy I stumbled upon Nekter Juice Bar. This speciality juice bar offers everything from specialty drinks to cleanses and healthy food options to help you feel good about what you’re putting in your body. Located in Snider Plaza in the Park Cities area, it’s a great location to stop after running errands or hitting up one of the many fitness studios in the area.

That’s just what I did on my visit to this location. I knew I wanted something healthy and delicious, and this spot served up both options for an affordable price. After looking over their menu I decided on their PB health nut protein smoothie. It was packed with bananas and dates that tasted great with the peanut butter, cashew milk and whey protein. You can even customize your smoothies with certain add-ons that are either complimentary or an additional charge depending on the item. I was craving extra fruit flavor and opted for adding strawberries to my shake that took my beverage to the next level. It tasted like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a glass and was great for an after workout snack.

It was hard to decide on what to order as they offered so many delicious sounding options and even seasonal flavors like a watermelon sorbet bowl. If you are looking to really up your health game, they also offer juice cleanses for bulk prices. Don’t have time to sit and enjoy at the restaurant? Order your items online and they will have them ready when you arrive. I also recommend signing up for their rewards program so that you can earn loyalty points for each visit. Next time you are looking for a healthy option, I highly recommend checking out the Nekter Juice Bar.

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Nekter Juice Bar

6712 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205

(214) 585-5815