Okaeri Cafe

Did you know you can enjoy authentic Japanese dishes in Richardson? Okaeri Cafe was originally birthed as a pop-up during the pandemic and quickly grew popular through word-of-mouth. By February 2022, Okaeri Cafe found a permanent home conveniently located off of highway 75, near Greenville Avenue.

Okaeri Cafe offers unique coffees, teas, appetizers, entrees, and desserts in this cute and cozy cafe. Patrons can enjoy their selections on comfy couches, seated at tables, or at a horigotatsu, a type of traditional Japanese table that’s low to the ground!

For dinner, I enjoyed takoyaki, a traditional street snack that originated in Osaka. Takoyaki are fried dough balls filled with minced octopus. I also tried the spam onigirazu, which is made with sweet sushi rice, fried eggs, and spam! It made for a perfect snack.

For my entree, I tried the katsu hotdog. The hot dog bread was so fluffy and sweet. This panko crusted hot dog is topped with cabbage, kewpie mayo, and sauce.

You can’t end a meal without dessert, so I opted for the matcha cheesecake! If you’re in the mood for a dessert that’s not overly sweet, the matcha cheesecake is definitely the move. This cheesecake is rich and packed with green tea flavor!

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Okaeri Cafe

312 N Greenville Ave Suite 100, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 685-4442