Pure Barre

Have you ever wanted to get toned like a dancer? Or are you looking for a low impact high intensity workout that is perfect for anyone? Then you need to try barre! I recommend checking out Pure Barre after my recent visit to their studio. From an encouraging atmosphere to friendly staff you will surely enjoy your time at this fitness destination in Arlington.

Located in the entertainment district, you will feel like an athlete yourself even after your first class. Since I had never tried barre before, I signed up for their foundations class that was perfect for beginners. Upon arriving at the studio, I was welcomed by the general manager who checked me in and gave me a tour. Inside, they offer cubbies for you to keep your things outside of the studio in a safe environment where you won’t have to worry about your belongings. You can also find a water station and merchandise center that is perfect for purchasing a variety of items.

For classes, Pure Barre does require grip socks, but don’t worry if you forgot yours! Pure Bare has multiple styles to choose from. After grabbing your water and putting away your things, you will enter their large studio space that is complete with all the equipment you will need. Your instructor will introduce themselves and explain the lingo and equipment you will need to grab from the back room. After a short introduction, you will be ready to go.

Each class follows a similar format that works your arms, legs, and core throughout. There’s also plenty of time to stretch your muscles after working them to the best of the music. I loved that the instructor guided us through each movement and helped to correct any positions that we may have needed help with. In addition to the regular movements, she also provided us with modifications to make the moves harder or easier depending on what we needed. This class is definitely what you make of it and great to challenge for the different muscles you may not be using.

If you are looking for more of a challenge, Pure Barre also offers a more cardio focused class and one that focuses on resistance. While there are more advanced classes, they do recommend starting off with 5-6 foundations before trying something new. If you are looking to start this exercise regularly they offer a variety of membership options to help you look and feel your best. Get ready to step up to the bar for a workout you won’t forget.

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Pure Barre

1705 N Collins St Suite 135, Arlington, TX 76011

(817) 805-2147