Suzanne Roberts Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift and don’t know where to go? Then a trip to Suzanne Roberts Gifts in University Park may be exactly what you need. This small business first opened its doors in 1975 by Suzanne and her husband Mickey Roberts. It has been serving the Dallas community since then, and is a great local spot for all of your gifting needs.

I needed several gifts for upcoming wedding and baby showers, so I decided to head to Suzanne Roberts Gifts. It was lucky for me that the store was having a Christmas in July sale and there were deals on everything. From the outside, the store looked small, but once inside I was amazed by all of the different options of gifts to choose from and the variety of displays. From home goods of dining and entertainment designer Caspari to Decorating & Accessories designer Tizo Designs, they had everything you could imagine under the sun. Not looking for a particular gift? No worries! This is also a great spot to stop for yourself to grab seasonal items for the holidays or add the perfect designs to update your home space.

The service as the store was truly amazing and felt like I was shopping with family. They were kind to welcome me and helped me pick some great items after I had taken some time to explore the store on my own. They also helped me pick specific items that were on a friends registry and offered great recommendations for some items that were out of stock.

I loved that they helped me to not only pick the perfect items but that it was also a great one stop shop for everything including the greeting card I needed for the happy couple. Whether you are looking to purchase gifts or if you’re in need of a place to start your registry, I highly recommend this amazing gift store.

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Suzanne Roberts Gifts

6718 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205

(214) 369-8336