Sweet Hut Bakery and Cafe

Did you know there’s a bakery and cafe in Plano that’s open every day until midnight? For all my late night coffee and tea drinkers, this contemporary spot is just for you!

Located off of Coit Rd and West Park Blvd is Sweet Hut Bakery and Cafe. The bakery has a vast selection of sweet and savory buns, delicious breads baked in-house, cookies, donuts, and even Swiss rolls!

If you’re in the mood for cake, you’re in luck. You can find unique cake options here, including strawberry yogurt mousse, matcha cake, taro cake, mocha walnut cake, chocolate ganache cheesecake, and so much more.

For those who may be hungry for a heavier meal, Sweet Hut also offers a variety of sandwiches, including burgers, paninis, and both hot and cold sandwiches with an Asian-inspired flare! Some unique menu items include a sweet bulgogi burger, lemon grass BBQ pork sandwich, and more.

Let’s not forget about the cafe menu! Whether you’re craving milk teas, boba teas, jelly teas, fruit slush drinks, green or black teas, frappes, or coffee, Sweet Hut ha you covered with their extensive drink menu. I enjoyed an iced Vietnamese coffee, which includes espresso mixed with sweetened condensed milk!

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Sweet Hut Bakery and Cafe

2001 Coit Rd Suite 301, Plano, TX 75075

(972) 905-5337