Velvet Taco

Being in North Texas, you have tons of options for great tacos. With that being said, I recently visited a fun and casual spot that offers global flavors at Velvet Taco. This funky taco spot offers plenty of interesting flavors and a great atmosphere at all of their locations.

I decided to try out Velvet Taco for lunch at the Greenville Ave location. Conveniently located off Central Expressway, it’s easy to get to from anywhere and great for stopping by or picking up if you are on the go. Since I was looking for a relaxing eating experience, I decided to head into the restaurant to eat. From the moment I pulled into the parking lot, I loved the bright colorful building and warm welcome from the associates the moment I walked in the door.

I took some time to explore their flavorful menu that offered both traditional menu items and tacos I would’ve never even thought to try. What I loved was that you were able to mix and match different flavors by ordering the tacos by flavor and quantity instead of a preset menu. I wanted to try two different flavors, so this worked out perfectly for me!

I ultimately decided to try the fish and chips taco and the slow roasted angus brisket. The fish taco came with thin sliced malted French fries and was the perfect crispy and salty option that had me feeling like I was at an American pub. The brisket came in the form of barbacoa and red chili Mayo that gave me more traditional Mexican flavors and was spicy and savory.

The tacos tasted great together and had me drooling over the other flavor options that I didn’t try. With so many unique options, I know I will be back soon to try out more of their menu.

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Velvet Taco

4622 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

(469) 248-8226