The PilatesBarre

Get ready to combine some of your favorite workout classes all at once at the PilatesBarre. You may think is just another trendy spot to take pilates classes, but PilatesBarre offers even more than pilates by combining cardio to the mix.

Located in University Park, this spot is perfect for college student and city dwellers alike. I signed up for the class online using their easy to use website and selected the Former Pilates class. This original class focuses on traditional movements you can expect at other Pilates classes mixed with high-intensity and low impact movements.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by a friendly instructor who helped me sign in and let me pick my spot (since I was one of the first ones to arrive). PilatesBarre does require gripper socks for their classes, but don’t fear — If you forgot your socks at home, they do have them for purchase (along with water and cute, branded merchandise). Since I got there early, I had plenty of time to park at Snider Plaza, fill up my water bottle, grab a eucalyptus towel and stretch before class. Arriving early also gave me plenty of time to become familiar with the equipment and get ready to enjoy a great burn.

This class was perfect for beginners and experts alike! The music was bumping and got me in the mood to want to workout. Other class goers were friendly and encouraging, but they also gave me enough space so I didn’t feel crowded in the room. During the class, the instructor will guide you through each movement and encourage you to take the movements at your own pace and stop for breaks as needed. If you are looking for something more challenging, they will also give you ways to test your strength.

If you are looking to try something different, PilatesBarre also offers Tread & Stride Barre that uses treadmills to increase your heat rate through cardio included in the class. Any of the classes will make you sweat and feel great about the 50 minutes you spent at the studio. Next time you are looking to enjoy a great workout class, go with some friends or try it out yourself!

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The PilatesBarre

5425 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75209

(214) 706-9988