La Michoacana Meat Market

When craving delicious Mexican food and fresh ingredients, there’s a one stop shop always comes to my mind. I’m talking about the great Hispanic supermarket known as La Michoacana Meat Market. With several locations across DFW, you are sure to find one in your neighborhood. A trip to La Michoacana Meat Market will have you on your way to the freshest authentic produce, meat, and baked goods.

I’m lucky enough to live within a short driving distance to their Arlington location. This location also happens to be off Highway 360 and it’s a perfect spot for residents of Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Dallas. Upon arriving, you will be greeted by the smell of delicious spices, roasted meats, and fresh baked pasties. Unlike a traditional grocery store, this supermarket also offers a taqueria right inside. Here you can enjoy great tacos, burritos, faijitas and more. Make sure to come hungry and enjoy some delicious food before you start your getting items on your shopping list.

True to a supermarket, you can find fresh fruits and vegetables in their produce department, a butcher section with (you guessed it) fresh meat, and even a panaderia or bakery with traditional breads and pastries. Inside you can also find fresh made salsas, tortillas, and meals to go if you are not wanting to cook your own items. If you are feeling adventurous, this store offers all the ingredients you need to create your own Mexican cuisine at home.

Each aisle is filled with a variety of staple pantry items that you may not find at your local grocery store, and all for great prices. I loved taking my time exploring the items they offered and seeing some of my favorites in addition to items I haven’t tried before. I ended up leaving with both pre-made items and things to cook myself. It was such a great experience and I’m already hungry for more!

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La Michoacana Meat Market

1610 E Abram St, Arlington, TX 76010

(817) 275-0868